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Waste water

to energy


UCY Waste-Water to Energy

UCY Waste-Water to Energy is a specialist in highly advanced technologies to generate energy from a waste water purification process. We developed a number of new products which have brought an essential evolution: Bio-energy is generated from waste water! Durable solutions, which contribute worldwide to a sustainable global future.

Curious about the advanced technologies that generate energy from a waste water purification process? Contact us. 


Direct contact
UCY Waste-Water to Energy B.V.

Stevinstraat 15
7102 DZ Winterswijk
P.O. Box 218
7100 AE Winterswijk
The Netherlands

T : +31 (0)543 55 13 47
F : +31 (0)543 51 90 89
E : info@ucy-wwte.nl
W : www.ucy-wwte.nl
C.o.C. : 09187911